The Lappala Family Farm located at Pelkie (Froberg Siding).  Note the cabbage field behind the house.  Dad must've heard the plane as he is standing by the front door.  Bob was born in this house May 15, 1939 as was his Sister Judy.  The place is now owned by the neighbor, Arvid Narhi.

Close-up of cabbage field above.  Mary Lynne and "Jiggs".

Ma and Dad, John and Milia Lappala at the farm.


Bob's Grandmother Eva and Grandfather Jafhet Lappala (Lappalainen) with their son August in the middle.  Pelkie farm.

Bob's  Grandfather William Heikkinen and Grandmother Hilda along with two of their daughters....Elina on the left and Milga in between them.